A Lamaze Guide: Preparation for Childbirth

The Lamaze method prepares a woman emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, and physically for childbirth. The Lamaze-trained woman approaches childbirth with a positive attitude, knowledge, and confidence that allow her to assume an active role in the most creative event of her life. The father who participates enjoys a unique and identifying experience. Together, both parents are actively involved in the birth of their child.

Mind Over Labor

The fear and pain most women expect from pregnancy can at last be overcome. Carl Jones, a certified childbirth educator, tells how using mental imagery can help you reduce the pain of labor by controlling the fear beforehand. His easy-to-follow, eight-step method, which teaches your mind to cooperate with your body, will help make your childbirth less stressful and more natural. Whether you plan to give birth at home, in a childbearing center, or in a hospital, Carl Jones's simple exercises will put you in touch with the best instrument of birth there is - yourself.

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