Immaculate Deception

Immaculate Deception

What is the deception?
That birth is naturally risky, painful and terrifying. That birth in American hospitals is safe, quick and easy. That modern medical science "improves" the birth process. That "natural childbirth" actually exists in American hospitals today.

What is the truth?
Childbirth is a normal process, not a disease. It should focus on the needs of the laboring woman, not the convenience of her obstetrician. Dependence on drugs and technology is harming, not helping the lives of many mothers and babies. This remarkable book offers an alternative - a blueprint for safe, simpler, more humane methods of birth that enable women to experience fearlessly and joyfully one of the greatest events of their lives.

Immaculate deception
A passionate, fully-documented examination of the myths and realities of childbirth... "Should be read by every person in America who intends to have a child."

Suzanne Arms
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